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JUMO HEATtemp – Push-In RTD Temperature Probes for Heat Meters with Connecting Cable for Thermowells (Type PS/PL) (902438)


  • For temperatures from 0 to 180 °C
  • Type examination certificate for MID heat meters as replaceable temperature probes
  • Fulfills the requirements of DIN EN 1434, AGFW FW202, and FW211
  • Pairing and declaration of conformity according to MID
  • Production certified according to module D (MID) (CE and metrology identification marking)
  • Coordinated accessories for installation (data and price sheets 902440 and 902442)


Heat meter RTD temperature probes are used for temperature measurement in closed pipeline systems. As the probes are installed in thermowells, emptying the system for regular replacement at the end of the certification period is no longer necessary.
The temperature probes are approved according to the EU Directive 2014/32/EU (MID). The temperature probes are available in the paired version and a version with a declaration of conformity. The officially recognized test facility for heat KHE2 is available for this purpose. Production has been certified according to Annex D of Directive 2014/32/EU and Annex 4 Module D of the German Weights and Measures Act.
We recommend the following installation in accordance with technical directive TR-K9 (current state of technology):
For heat and cold meters with nominal flows ≤ qp 6 m3/h, the temperature probes must only be installed directly immersed in the area of the measuring point with nominal pressures ≤ 16 bar when the pipeline section is newly installed. Temperature probes with a thermowell can also be installed under these circumstances, but only when under increased strain (for example pressure, temperature, flow velocity, or oscillation).


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