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Dial thermometer (60.8201)


  • Capillary measuring system
  • Stainless steel housing for panel or surface mounting
  • Suitable for panel mounting
  • Sizes: ø 60 mm, ø 80 mm and ø 100 mm
  • Front frame: 72 x 72 mm and 96 x 96 mm

Customer benefits

Energy saving
No additional auxiliary energy is required for temperature measurement. For this reason, the dial thermometer offers a decisive advantage

The numerous potential versions and indicating ranges allow finding the optimum solution for every application sector.


For local temperature display

  • in ovens
  • in industrial processes

Article number Product description Price / piece

Basic type: Dial thermometer, class 1.5, model 21, housing size ø 60 mm

Indication range: 0...120 °C

Capillary version: FL21, copper capillary, ø 1.0 mm

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