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JUMO MAERA S26 – Level Probe (402090)


  • Level probe for continuous level measurement in liquids
  • Measuring ranges: 250 mbar to 2.5 bar (2.50 to 25 mWS)
  • Medium temperature: 0 to 50 °C
  • Piezoresistive silicon sensor
  • Accuracy: 0.3 % MSP (linearity) (also available 0.2 % MSP)
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • High overload resistance
  • Reverse-polarity protection
  • Drinking water approval
  • Suitable for indoor mounting

Customer benefits

  • Process reliability

The core of the level probe is a piezoresistive measuring cell, which features high overload resistance and which is particularly stable in the long term, reliable, and temperature resistant. The level probes are manufactured entirely from stainless steel and are therefore resistant to a large number of mediums. Maximum security during startup is guaranteed by a reverse polarity protection that protects the measuring device against damages.

  • Versatile

The level probe is available in numerous versions for several measuring ranges. The version with different cable materials and process connections ensures the greatest possible flexibility. A model with greater measuring accuracy, which also meets the most stringent requirements, is available as an option.


Level and level measurement

  • In storage tanks or reservoirs
  • For gray water recycling
  • In heating oil tank and diesel tank

Product comparison level probes


The JUMO MAERA S26 level probe is used for the continuous hydrostatic level measurement in liquids. Filling heights from 2.50 to 25 mWS (water column) can be achieved in ventilated tanks.

When the level probe is immersed into a liquid, a liquid column emerges above the probe. The liquid column increases as the probe is immersed deeper into the liquid and creates a hydrostatic pressure on the measuring system by the force of its weight. The measured pressure is transmitted as a standard signal. The signal is linearly proportional to the rising liquid column.

The surrounding pressure is achieved through a special cable with integrated pressure equalization hose. Any variations in air pressure are therefore automatically compensated and the surrounding pressure is taken into account.

The level probe is designed for use in drinking water (ACS – "Attestation de Conformite Sanitaire").


Further information on our level probes from the JUMO MAERA series can be found in the brochure "Point and Continuous Level Measurement" in the Documentation section.

Further technical information is available in the Documentation section.


Accessory articles

Article number Product description Price / piece
Terminal box with pressure compensation Klemmgehaeuse mit Druckausgleich 48701 price on request

(in stock)

Cable holder Schelle price on request

(in stock)

Sealing screw price on request

(in stock)

Pressure equalization filter for cable price on request

(in stock)

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