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Impedance Converter for pH/Redox Combination Electrodes (202995)


  • Independent of mains supply
  • Retrofitting is possible
  • Allows longer cable lengths
  • Stabilizes the signal


pH measurement in

  • - Process technology
  • - Electroplating
  • - Water and wastewater technology


The impedance converter transforms the high ohm signal of the pH electrode (up to 1,000 MOhm) into a low ohm signal (< 1 kOhm). The use of an impedance converter can also be advantageous in conjunction with a metal electrode.
The impedance converter is directly screw-fitted on the electrode head. This to a large extent prevents malfunctions resulting from contamination, moisture, or electrical fields from live cables. As a transmitter cable a customary coax cable between impedance converter and transmitter is sufficient. This allows larger distances between measured value transducer and transmitter to be bridged without problems. Independence of the impedance converter from an external power supply is achieved by the installed lithium battery.

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Basic type: Impedance converter

Connection: JUMO N cap, matching the N connector

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