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Simulators and calibration adapters for pH / Redox and conductivity measurement (202711)


JUMO pH-/Redox-Simulator:

  • Simulates a pH or redox electrode in an application
    High-resistance operating mode (1.000megaohm) for finding poor/damp cabling
  • Integrated 9V monobloc battery included in delivery With battery test function
  • Various adapter cables are available

Simulator for conductivity and temperature:

  • Simulates a conductive, 2-electrode conductivity probe
  • Allows different conductivities to be set, from 80mS/cm to 800mS/cm
  • Simulates a Pt100 temperature sensor at two temperatures (25°C/75°C)


JUMO pH/redox simulator:

  • For dry commissioning downstream pH/redox transmitters and controllers, as well as dosing elements
  • For optimizing a pH/redox control by simulating different measurement values
  • For testing switching points in downstream controls

Simulator for conductivity and temperature:

  • Allows different conductivities to be set, from 80mS/cm to 800mS/cm
  • Allows installed cables and measurement amplifiers to be tested
  • Allows analog outputs and switching outputs to be tested
  • Allows the transmitter’s temperature compensation function to be tested


Simulator for pH/redox, type 202711/10
The pH simulator is used to check that technical pH and redox measuring instruments are working correctly. Instead of a conventional pH or redox electrode, the simulator is connected to a measurement amplifier. This allows the laid connecting cable and the measurement amplifier to be
checked. The simulation of pH values 0 - 14 allows the measurement amplifier outputs (display values, control contacts or analog/digital outputs) to be checked and optimized when the system is dry. Using the simulator with redox measurements simulates a voltage of ± 414 mV in steps of up to
59 mV. A switch allows high-resistance checking (1000 MOhm impedance) of the laid connecting cable for shunts or moisture problems. The pH simulator runs on a 9 V battery (included in delivery). There is an integrated test function for checking the battery. Different adapter cables are available as options (see accessories) for connecting to the pH or redox measurement section.

Simulator for electrolytic conductivity, type 202711/20
This simulator is used to check measurement amplifiers and connecting cables for electrolytic conductivity. Different conductivity measurement values can also be simulated to test and optimize display and control behavior, as well as the outputs of measurement amplifiers and downstream systems. The instrument is therefore helpful during dry system startups and when troubleshooting. The simulator can only be used with conductivity measuring instruments based on conductive 2-electrode measuring cells. A printed table shows the conductivity values for the different simulation resistances, which are selected by means of a rotary switch. The table includes the assignment to different cell constants (K = 0.01; 0.1; 1.0; 3.0 and 10.0). The temperature input of a measuring instrument can be simulated, as well as the conductivity. To do this, a Pt100 is simulated at temperatures of 25 °C and 75 °C. A 1.1 m long connecting cable is included.

Calibration adapter for inductive conductivity measurement, type 202711/21
This adapter allows the adjustment between the measurement amplifier and the inductive conductivity measurement probe to be made during a new installation or when a component has been replaced. The instrument is designed for use with measurement amplifiers JUMO AQUIS 500 Ci as per data sheet 202566 and measuring cells as per data sheet 202941.


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202990/02-22-1,1-22 price on request

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202990/02-22-1,1-04 price on request
Connecting cable for 1.5 m, BNC plug Electrode cable 2992-2(1,5) Data sheet 29000 Wire price on request

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