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Contact dial thermometer (60.8425)


  • Capillary measuring system
  • Any installation position
  • Round version with stainless steel housing
  • Class 1
  • Size: ø 100 mm and ø 160 mm
  • Front frame: 96 x 96 mm

Customer benefits

By reaching precision class 1, accurate measuring values are guaranteed at all times.

The round contact dial thermometer is insensitive to ambient influences. The protection class IP 65 is achieved.

Time saving
The front arrangement of the setpoint value setting allows simple and time saving setting of the desired value.

Energy saving
No additional auxiliary energy is required for temperature measurement. For this reason, the dial contact thermometer offers a decisive advantage.


For local temperature measurement, control and monitoring


Switching output design

  • Electro-mechanical limit signal transducer

The slow brake or magnetic snap-action contact is an auxiliary current switch. It closes or opens an electrical current circuit, depending on the direction of movement with the limit values set. This process takes place via a contact arm moved by the actual value dial.



  • Inductive limit contact



The inductive limit contact operates contact-free (proximity switch). The coil body (initiator) is fitted to the setpoint value dial. The control flag is moved by the actual value dial.