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Screw-In Thermocouples with Compensating Cable (901050)


  • For temperatures from -200 to +600 °C
  • Available with different thermocouples
  • As single or double thermocouple
  • Compensating cable made of silicon or metal braiding


  • Application areas can be found in the construction of heating systems, furnaces/kilns, and appliances.


Screw-in thermocouples are the preferred choice for measuring temperature in liquids and gasses. An important factor for selecting this installation type is its ability to form reliable seals for vacuum and overpressure applications.
Depending on the version, the compensating cables are suitable for dry or humid rooms that have a temperature range from -20 to +350 °C. The compensating cable transition points to the protection tube are strain-relieved and can be provided with kink protectors if required.
Protection tubes made of stainless steel protect the measuring insert against chemical influences and mechanical damage.

Thermocouples (elements) according to DIN EN 60584 and DIN 43710 are used as the measuring insert. Double versions with two thermocouples are also possible.


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