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JUMO dTRANS p20 DELTA Ex d - Differential Pressure Transmitter with Flameproof Enclosure (403023)


  • HART® interface
  • Ex d explosion protection according to ATEX, GOST-R
  • Linearity 0.07 %
  • Turn down: 1:200
  • Simple operation with rotary knob
  • Characteristic line and display also adjustable for flow measurement
  • Stainless steel case
  • Setup program
  • LCD display with bar graph
  • Display scaling with a choice of measuring units
  • Display of sensor temperature
  • Display of minimum and maximum pressures
  • Current-generator function

Customer benefits

  • Process reliability
    Parts exposed to the medium out of stainless steel (also available with NiMo alloy, with Monel/titanium/PTFE coating when used with a diaphragm seal) offer optimum resistance even with aggressive media. The measuring device has a high degree of precision with a deviation from characteristic line of 0.05 % and offers an excellent long-term stability of <0.1 % per year. The version with explosion protection "Ex d (flameproof enclosure)" allows installation of the connection for zone 0 and the entire pressure transmitter in zone 1. 
  • Simple and time-saving
    The measuring device can be adjusted reliably and easily with a rotary knob on the device or with a convenient setup program.
    The device is equipped with both a HART® interface and the JUMO interface.
    The rotary knob is operated from the outside without having to open the device. 
  • Flexible
    The measuring device can be fitted in any installation position for optimum readability, configuration, and electrical installation.
    The measurement properties can be adapted to all major applications (process pressure, level, flow) and ambient conditions using the adjustable parameters.


  • Chemical and petrochemical industries
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Power plants
  • Water and wastewater engineering
  • Papermanufacturing
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • CIP/SIP systems
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration applications 


The JUMO dTRANS p20 DELTA Ex d differential pressure transmitter with HART® interface combines maximum precision with simple operation. It is used to measure the differential pressure of gases, vapors, and liquids. The integrated LCD display shows measured values and device data.
The differential pressure transmitter with flameproof enclosure can be installed in zone 0. The housing and sensors are manufactured from high-grade stainless steel. Diaphragm seals can also be connected for specific process technology applications (see data sheets 409772 to 409784).
The transmitter is programmable and therefore readily adaptable to a variety of different measurement tasks. An easy-to-use setup program is available as an accessory to enable operation via the interfaces. A rotary knob allows for quick and easy on-site manual operation.

For the version with "Ex ia" explosion protection see data sheet 403022.
For the version for relative and absolute pressure see data sheets 403025 and 403026.


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JUMO Setup dTRANS p20 series

Download  236.exe (30 days Test Version)  (56.0 MB)

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SW Device Type Manager (DTM) 403025

Download  JUMO dTRANS p20 device DTM Setup 438.01.77.exe (Free version)  (3.0 MB)

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