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JUMO MIDAS C18 SW - OEM Seawater Pressure Transmitter (401012)



  • Measuring cell made of aluminum oxide ceramic
  • Case and process connection made of titanium
  • Long-term stability < 0.2 % of end value
  • Approx. 40 % weight reduction when compared to similar stainless steel versions
  • Potting as protection against vibrations, condensation, and moisture
  • Measuring ranges: 0 to 1.6 bar up to 0 to 100 bar relative
  • Elastomer-sealed
  • Compact design: as of 56.5 mm in length

Customer benefits

  • Process reliability
    The full final inspection in the fully automated measuring and calibration facility guarantees that each pressure transmitter is of a high quality. The durability of the used materials results in high system availability. In combination with the oil-free ceramic measuring cell which prevents filling oil leaks in the event of a burst, this guarantees a high degree of process reliability for critical processes such as reverse osmosis.
  • Economical
    A proven design ensures efficient production, which in turn leads to short delivery times. The resistant materials reduce cleaning and repair processes, thereby reducing plant downtimes as well as the resulting costs of these. The compact and light design opens up many fields of application for users and makes purchase decisions easier when replacements are needed.


  • Laboratory/pharmaceutical technology, e.g. for reverse osmosis (for production of pure/high-purity water)
  • Shipbuilding, e.g. for filling level measurement of ballast tanks
  • Water treatment, e.g. for desalination of seawater to produce drinking water
  • Wastewater technology


The JUMO MIDAS C18 SW pressure transmitter features an impervious and hysteresis-free ceramic measuring cell, a titanium case, and a titanium process connection. Titanium was selected as the material due its extremely high corrosion resistance, in particular to organic acids and solutions containing chloride. The device can record relative pressures in measuring ranges of 0 to 1.6 bar up to 0 to 100 bar. The ranges 4 to 20 mA (2-wire) and DC 0 to 10 V (3-wire) are available as standard signals.


Accessory articles

Article number Product description Price / piece
Cable socket, straight, 4-pole, M12 × 1, 2 m price on request

(in stock)

Cable socket, angled, 4-pole, M12 × 1, 2 m price on request

(in stock)

CON M12-Buchse 4-pol. mit Steuerleitung L=5m Buchse price on request

(in stock)