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Laboratory pH single-rod electrodes (201030)


  • pH sensors for use in laboratories
  • Different possible versions
  • Various diaphragm glasses for different applications
  • Variable fitting lengths


  • General laboratory applications
  • Surface measurements for paper and textiles
  • Insertion measurements in food
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications


These electrodes are high-quality measuring electrodes for pH and Redox potential measurements in laboratories. The sensors are available with glass shaft as well as with a sturdy plastic shaft.
They are suitable for all measurements in aqueous substances and offer a high measuring accuracy and reliability in all applications.
A special electrode is available for the ion-sensitive measurement of ammonia, refer to page 11.
Suitable versions are available for the most varied requirements:
Active part pH: Several diaphragm glasses are available for the pH version.
Active part Redox: A sturdy platinum or gold cone is available here.
Reference system: The proven JUMO silver/silver chloride control system (Ag/AgCI) and the
acrylamide-free KCI gel forms together the reference system. The control system is designed as a cartridge system.
This ensures that the reference electrolyte remains free of silver ions
throughout the entire sensor operating life and is less sensitive to electrode toxins.
Diaphragm: In the standard version, the electrodes are equipped with a sturdy zirconium oxide diaphragm. For the versions with a plastic shaft, a glass fiber diaphragm serves for the connection between the good to be measured and the reference system.
PTFE and fixed ground-joint diaphragms are available for special applications.
Electrical connection: The sensors are electrically connected via:
- Plug head S6
- Plug head with fixed cable
These sensors are state-of-the-art for modern pH and Redox electrodes.
Each electrode is a high-quality product and is individually inspected.
Modern production plants ensure a uniform quality.
General information about the sensors of the 201030 and 201035 series
All standard electrodes are manufactured from physiologically harmless and FDA listed materials

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Basic type: Glass shaft, gel-sealed, cartridge-style conductive system

Active component: UW glass, 0...12 pH (short time 14), -5...+80 °C

Diaphragm: 1 x zirconium dioxide diaphragm

Connection: Plug cap (S7)

Insertion length: 120 mm

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