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Ex-i Repeater Power Supply / Input Isolating Amplifier (707530)


  • HART capable
  • SIL2 approval
  • Universal power supply


The JUMO Ex-i repeater power supply / input isolating amplifier 707530 is designed for operating intrinsically safe transmitters (Ex-i) and mA current sources installed in potentially explosive (Ex) areas. The connected 2-wire transmitters are supplied with energy and analog 0/4 to 20 mA measured values are transmitted from the potentially explosive area to the non-explosive area.
The external connection defines whether the device operates in supply isolation amplifier mode or isolating amplifier mode. The output of the module can be operated in active or passive mode. Digital (HART) communication signals can be superimposed over the analog measured value on the Ex or non-Ex side and transmitted bidirectionally.
To increase the HART impedance in low-resistance systems an additional resistor can be activated in the output circuit using the switch on the device's front. The device provides a 3-way electrical isolation and the energy supply is designed as a wide range power supply (24 V to 230 V).

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Type: Ex-i Repeater Power Supply

Voltage supply: AC/DC 24..230V -20/+10%,50..60Hz

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